I Am Not an Allegory

I Am Not an Allegory (these are people i know)

Bowery Poetry Club, New York, 2012

a full length play by Libby Emmons, directed by Ali Ayala, choreography by Rachel Klein

starring: Havilah Brewster, Anna Lamadrid, Lindsay Torrey, Ali Ayala, Eve Udesky, Race Brown, Dan Cozzens, Matthew Murumba, and David Marcus

Interview with Libby Emmons and Ali Ayala in New York Theater Review

A clip from rehearsal, Havilah Brewster as Ames:

Connie in Detroit

Connie in Detroit

a one-act play by Libby Emmons, directed by Ali Ayala

Bowery Poetry Club and Abingdon Theater, New York, NY 2011

starring Eve Udseky, Sarah Sakaan, Ari Vigoda, and David Marcus


365 Days/365 Plays

blueboxworld’s contribution to Suzan-Lori Parks’ 365 Days/365 Plays, in collaboration with the Public Theater, and the world.

Produced by Blue Box World and J.V.A. Flag Corp, this is Suzan-Lori Parks’ A Plane on the Runway at 6 a.m., directed by Jeremiah Clancy, choreographed by Vanessa Walters, presented at The Public Theater, as part of Suzan-Lori Parks 365 Days/365 Plays, 2006.

The rest of our week was presented at Under Saint Marks


blueboxworld’s immersive, short bar play series, Sticky presented more than 300 plays from 2000-2016. For all things Sticky, see stickyseries.live

a clip from Vadim Newquist’s Some Guy, starring Dan Cozzens, Vadim Newquist & Breeda Wool. First seen at Sticky @ Bowery Poetry Club, September 19, 2008. blue box world’s producers are Libby Emmons, David Marcus and Ali Ayala.

Impenetrable & LongDistance

Impenetrable & LongDistance

two one-act plays

Smoke, Philadelphia, PA, 2002


by Libby Emmons, directed by David Marcus

starring Trisha Ward, Kisa Charles, Daniel Walinsky, and David Marcus


by Martha Michaela Brown, directed by Tlaloc Rivas

Decomposition in Blue and White

Decomposition in Blue and White

by Libby Emmons, directed by David Marcus

TheatreDouble, Philadelphia, 2001

Starring Sheila mar, Wharton Tract, Jeffrey March, Judith Leopold, and Jennifer Harris

Set design: Thomas Bruce

Two best friends explore the marshland near their house, hoping to transcend their abusive, drug addicted families, and make friends with the fingers that caress them in the water.

Joyce 1907 & In Ruin

Joyce 1907 & In Ruin

TheatreDouble, Philadelphia, PA, 2001

Joyce 1907, a one man show written and performed by David Marcus, exploring James Joyce’s time in Trieste, Italy

In Ruin, a one-act play by Libby Emmons’, directed by David Marcus, starring Amanda Schoonover, Jeremy Chacon, and W. Shay Hammond


Firetop & Overnight

Firetop & Overnight

Second Stage at the Adrienne, Philadelphia, PA, 2000

two one act plays by Libby Emmons, directed by David Marcus

starring: Amanda Schoonover, Charissa Carfrey, Christopher McGovern, Eric Buckwalter, Jeremy Chacon, and Rachel Snow



TheatreDouble, Philadelphia, PA, 2000

a full length play by Libby Emmons, directed by David Marcus

Starring Zoe Metcalfe-Klaw, Jessica Howard, and Christopher McGovern

A woman’s quest to find love through kidnapping.